12 jQuery alert plugins

Collection of jQuery alert plugins. Demo and download code (*zip).

Demo Image: BootstrapGrowl.js
demo image: bootstrapGrowl.js


Pretty simple jQuery plugin that turns standard Bootstrap alerts into hovering “Growl-like” notifications.

  • uses standard Twitter Bootstrap alerts which provides ‘info’, ‘error’, and ‘success’ styles
  • multiple growls called consecutively are stacked up one after another in a list
  • automatically fades growls away after a default of 4 seconds
Made by Nick Larson. Demo page

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Demo Image: jquery-confirm.js
demo image: jquery-confirm.js


A multipurpose plugin for alert, confirm & dialog, with extended features.

  • listen keyboard keys
  • directly load content via Ajax
  • auto-close dialog after a specified time
  • prevent dialog close on background click
  • callback function, and ton more
Made by Boniface Pereira. Demo page

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Demo Image: Overhang.js
demo image: overhang.js


A jQuery plugin to display sleek, instant notifications, confirmations or prompts inside a given element.
Made by Paul. K. Demo page

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Demo Image: jquery-sticky-alert
demo image: jquery-sticky-alert

jQuery Sticky Alert

A minimal jQuery plugin to add a sticky alert bar to the top of your website.
Made by Tyler Longren. Demo page

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Demo Image: jAlert.js
demo image: jAlert.js


The best jQuery modal, alert, popup, lightbox plugin. jAlert is really easy, and really powerful!

  • plenty-o sizes
  • sweet themes
  • responsive lightbox(es)
  • CSS animations
  • closing options
  • buttons
  • confirmation
  • easy callbacks
Made by Shane Stebner. Demo page

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Demo Image: jQuery Message Box
demo image: jquery-message-box.js

jQuery Message Box

A jQuery Plugin to replace Javascript’s window.alert(), window.confirm() and window.prompt() functions.

  • implements jQuery Promise interface
  • customizable buttons and inputs
  • flexible message-queue
  • fully CSS customizable
Made by Gaspare Sganga. Demo page

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Demo Image: jquery-alertable.js
demo image: jquery-alertable.js

jQuery Alertable

This plugin provides a minimal, lightweight, and customizable alternative to window.alert(), window.confirm(), and window.prompt(). It’s flexible enough to mold to your application’s existing stylesheet and markup.
Made by Cory LaViska. Demo page

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Demo Image: gDialog.js
demo image: gDialog.js


An elegant replacement dialog boxes with fancy entrance and exit animations powered by Animate.css.
Made by Gil Vieira. Demo page

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Demo Image: easy-alert.js
demo image: easy-alert.js


jQuery plugin for displaying alerts/notifications.

    Made by Ali Dalal. Demo page

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    Demo Image: cAlert.js
    demo image: cAlert.js


    A simple JS alert system that is easy to setup and use! JQuery needed.
    Made by Adam.

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    Demo Image: jquery-screamer.js
    demo image: jquery-screamer.js


    Very simple jQuery plugin for custom alerts.

      Made by Max Zhurkin.

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      Demo Image: simplert.js
      demo image: simplert.js


      Simple responsive jQuery alerts for any size window or screen. They come in three types: error, success, and alert.
      Made by Steven Mick.

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